Words in the Title

words in the titleWords in the Title is a fun and random way to explore new books and your own bookshelves. Each week new word encourages you to reminiscent on the books you read, find books you want to read and realize which books you will probably never read.


  • Prepare a list of books with this week’s word in the title that:
    • You’ve read (you can export your Goodreads library to Excel file, it will be easier to find words in the titles this way)
    • You want to read (look in your TBR and search Goodreads or other places where you find books for new titles)
    • You do not want to read (up to you if you want to include this)
  • It’s up to you how many books you include in each category
  • Both singular and plural version of the word counts
  • If the word is a root of another word (like ‘snow’ in ‘snowman’) it also counts
  • Tag OlaReadsBooks in your post

About the ‘You do not want to read’ category and why it’s optional – I keep a ‘lost interest’ shelf on Goodreads, so it will be easy for me to identify what books I won’t be reading. But if it’s harder for you to find what books you don’t what to read, then there’s no pressure to do this part of the meme.

Words of the week:

  • 1 Jan – January
  • 8 Jan – snow
  • 15 Jan – birth
  • 22 Jan – free
  • 29 Jan – rights
  • 5th Feb –  I
  • 12th Feb – love
  • 19th Feb – you
  • 26th Feb – winter
  • 5th Mar – start
  • 12th Mar – spring
  • 19th Mar – wind
  • 26th Mar – bird



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