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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Long Overdue TBR books

This weekly meme was created by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s theme is Ten Books That Have Been On Your Shelf (Or TBR) From Before You Started Blogging That You STILL Haven’t Read Yet.

Oh man, I have so many of those books. I have a problem with buying books, I don’t really have money for them , and I certainly won’t be reading them all anytime soon because of the sheer magnitude of the TBR list. I will feature only the physical copies that I own, and I will choose them at random by looking at my shelf. I’m not even looking at my ebooks.

The Second Sex
by Simone de Beauvoir

Politics | feminism


8869225Pub Date: 1949

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(..) Simone de Beauvoir’s masterwork is a powerful analysis of the Western notion of “woman,” and a groundbreaking exploration of inequality and otherness. This long-awaited new edition reinstates significant portions of the original French text that were cut in the first English translation. Vital and groundbreaking, Beauvoir’s pioneering and impressive text remains as pertinent today as it was sixty years ago, and will continue to provoke and inspire generations of men and women to come.

I first come across this book in a library in Finland, when I was just starting to understand feminism and looking out for some reading on that topic. This book was just too intimidating to start my feminist reading, so I didn’t read it back then. Buy I bought my own copy last year, and still didn’t find the right moment to commit to reading this over 800 pages book.

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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten books I’d love to buy

This weekly meme was created by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s theme is Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card.

This theme is not a problem for me, I have a whole wishlist ready and waiting for me. If I only could I would buy them all right this moment, but I just have to control myself not to spend all my money on books.

Swing Time
by Zadie Smith

Literary Fiction | Contemporary


28390369Pub Date: November 3rd, 2016

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Two brown girls dream of being dancers – but only one, Tracey, has talent. The other has ideas: about rhythm and time, about black bodies and black music, what constitutes a tribe, or makes a person truly free. It’s a close but complicated childhood friendship that ends abruptly in their early twenties, never to be revisited, but never quite forgotten, either…

Dazzlingly energetic and deeply human, Swing Time is a story about friendship and music and stubborn roots, about how we are shaped by these things and how we can survive them. Moving from North-West London to West Africa, it is an exuberant dance to the music of time

It’s Zadie Smith! I love her books, and this I’d pre-order first if I get a gift card.

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The Man Booker Prize 2016: What I read

longlist-sticker2016On 27th July Man Booker Prize announced 2016 longlist! I always check out the long list of this prize, and I try to read books from the list, at least the winner. Let’s have a look at books I already read from the long list, and which books were on my TBR list before the announcement, and which I am adding to my TBR.


2016 Man Booker Dozen (source

The 2016 longlist, or Man Booker ‘Dozen’, of 13 novels, is:

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