Follow up on Reading Challenges – did I complete any?

Year ago I posted All of the Book Reading Challenges for 2018 – which one to choose? I didn’t check those challenges, nor did I actually try to complete them. But I’m curious if somehow my reading preferences in 2018 somehow matched the rules for any of the reading challenges.



August OwlCrate Unboxing 

The theme of July box is Fast Times at YA High. This month box wasn’t as good as two previous boxes I got, but still, I enjoyed the surprise and I have a new book to read. This is what I got in my box:



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July OwlCrate Unboxing 

SPOILERS! If you don’t want to see what was in the July box – STOP NOW and go and check my other posts. Review of The Muse for example.

I’ve seen so many YouTube videos of OwlCrate unboxing that I just had to buy my own subscription. The stuff in those boxes is just so cute!

The theme of July box is Good vs Evil. I got the Good box.

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