Love by Roddy Doyle

Title: Love

Author: Roddy Doyle

Pub Date: May 14th, 2020

My Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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‘A profound examination of friendship, romantic confusion and mortality’ John Boyne

One summer’s evening, two men meet up in a Dublin restaurant.

Old friends, now married and with grown-up children, their lives have taken seemingly similar paths. But Joe has a secret he has to tell Davy, and Davy, a grief he wants to keep from Joe. Both are not the men they used to be.

Neither Davy nor Joe know what the night has in store, but as two pints turns to three, then five, and the men set out to revisit the haunts of their youth, the ghosts of Dublin entwine around them. Their first buoyant forays into adulthood, the pubs, the parties, broken hearts and bungled affairs, as well as the memories of what eventually drove them apart.

As the two friends try to reconcile their versions of the past over the course of one night, Love offers up a delightfully comic, yet moving portrait of the many forms love can take throughout our lives.

Many people will absolutely love this book, they will be able to appreciate the style, the humour, the dialogue-heavy story. I’m just not one of those people, I don’t get this book. I had a brief moment when I almost enjoyed it, but after a while, I got bored and tired of the style, and the neverending story of a romance.

In the beginning, the idea of two old friends meeting for a night of heavy drinking and sharing secrets seemed interesting. It has a different writing style, the author relies heavily on a dialogue of the two main characters. It’s an Irish author, and there are some fun Irish phases I learned recently. This was all nice. But there was nothing else in this book for me. The dialogue became tedious, more and more drunk and meandering. I was expecting more of a drama from the stories they shared, more strong emotions. It was not there. I cannot say it is a bad book, it has an interesting concept and deals with issues many readers will relate to. The book is just bad for me.

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