Catherine House by Elizabeth Thomas

Title: Catherine House

Author: Elisabeth Thomas

Pub Date: 12th May, 2020

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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Dark . Claustrophobic . Compulsive

That was the Catherine experiment: give the house three years – three profound, total years – then become anything or anyone you want to be.

Catherine House is an American college with a difference. Only the most brilliant minds enter, and its graduates earn prestige, wealth and honour. But over the three years they attend the school, they remain within its black gates; they have no contact with their loved ones; no association with the outside world. Those who break these rules will find themselves facing time in the school’s infamous tower.Ines enters Catherine House on the run from an incredibly dark secret, and welcomes the school’s isolation. Sharing a room with the sweet, damaged Baby, she slowly begins to build the group of friends she never had outside its walls.

One day, however, Baby is summoned to the tower – and never returns. Ines is heartbroken, left to uncover the secrets that Catherine House conceals while slowly becoming more and more seduced herself by its dark, magnetic power.

School for special teens, only selected few have a privileged to attend this mysterious college that is famous thanks to its successful alumnus and its controversial research. Ines is one of the lucky ones, she was selected to attend the school and she will spend there her next three years. She won’t leave the premises, she will sleep there, eat, study, drink, fuck. All within the walls of Catherine House. And she doesn’t need to pay for any of this, the only thing she needs to do to stay – commit to Catherine House.

It is an extremely interesting premise. Eerie setting, strange school with a secret. But I was disappointed in the execution. We experience it all from point of view of a depressed teenager, aloof and indifferent to everything that is happening around her. She is interested in schools secret research, but her interest is not paced well enough throughout the story. All her discoveries are disappointing, there are no shocking twists in the story. We are so clearly presented with the truth before MC gets to it. The mystery aspect of the story was just too confusing and clouded to actually be enjoyable. It was all there, but nothing was really explained. A lot was happening around Ines and in her head. She didn’t take too many actions to make the story exciting for the reader.

I feel like I’m missing something in the story. It probably has a depth that I’m unable to reach. In the end, it comes down to my liking of the book, and I didn’t enjoy it too much. The book didn’t meet my expectations.

2 thoughts on “Catherine House by Elizabeth Thomas

  1. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    When the reader gets to the Big Revelation before the involved characters I always feel cheated, somehow, so I can understand how this element, together with a MC that does not sound so likable, might have contributed to your low rating for the story.
    Sorry this did not work as you expected…


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