Just Eat It Book Cover

Just Eat It: How intuitive eating can help you get your shit together around food by Laura Thomas

Title: Just Eat It

Author: Laura Thomas

Pub Date: 10 Jan, 2019

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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This isn’t just a book. It’s part of a movement to give women power and control over our bodies. To free us from restrictive dieting, disordered eating and punishing exercise. To reject the guilt and anxiety associated with eating and, ultimately, to help us feel good about ourselves.
This anti-diet guide from registered nutritionist Laura Thomas PhD can help you sort out your attitude to food and ditch punishing exercise routines. As a qualified practitioner of Intuitive Eating – a method that helps followers tune in to innate hunger and fullness cues – Thomas gives you the freedom to enjoy food on your own terms.
There are no rules: only simple, practical tools and exercises including mindfulness techniques to help you recognise physiological and emotional hunger, sample conversations with friends and colleagues, and magazine and blog critiques that call out diet culture.
So, have you ever been on a diet? Spent time worrying that you looked fat when you could have been doing something useful? Compared the size of your waistline to someone else’s? Felt guilt, actual guilt, about the serious crime of . . . eating a donut? You’re not alone. Just Eat It gives you everything you need to develop a more trusting, healthy relationship with food and your body.

I’ve been on many diets since I’ve been a child… Yes, since I’ve been a child, this sounds so horrible to me right now, that as a child I was encouraged to diet, to lose weight, to restrict my food, because my body was bigger than what my parents were willing to accept. Later on in my life, I was trying diets on my own, following plans found in glossy, ‘health’ magazines. I attended two different weight loss programs, and it all didn’t end up well for me. I gradually developed an eating disorder, that was getting worse, and worse. I still battling it to this day and now I’m ready to start doing something about my eating, more than just not thinking about it, and not caring for what I’m eating, not because I was eating intuitively but because I was rebelling against my own body and expectations that are put on it.

The very personal note above is to present how important this book is for me, and for many people who have similar experiences. I read Fat Is a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach that touches on the same topics and talks about intuitive eating, but Just Eat It is written in so much more friendly tone, it’s easy to follow and entertaining, but at the same time delivering very powerful message – fuck the diet culture, stop spending all your energy on dieting. The delivery of the message is perfect for our times and culture, it is not a medical text saying how fatphobia and weight stigma impact our health, it delivers those messages in insta-friendly quotes, references modern pop-culture and feels like it was written by your friend. The thing I didn’t like though is that after some time the book felt a bit too repetitive, some topics could be combined or shortened.

Just Eat It is the anti-diet book of our times ladies, and I encourage you all to read it!

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