Words in the Title – ‘birth’

words in the titleThis will the most random way of finding new exciting reads. Each week I’ll choose some random word and I’ll try to find books with this word in the title that I find interesting. This might result in my TBR growing exponentially. Each week though, I’ll first look if there’s a book that I already read that has this word in the title.


  • Prepare a list of books with this week’s word in the title that:
    • You’ve read (you can export your Goodreads library to Excel file, it will be easier to find words in the titles this way)
    • You want to read (look in your TBR and search Goodreads or other places where you find books for new titles)
    • You do not want to read (up to you if you want to include this)
  • It’s up to you how many books you include in each category
  • Both singular and popular version of the word counts
  • If the word is a root of another word (like ‘snow’ in ‘snowman’) it also counts
  • Tag OlaReadsBooks in your post

This week’s word is: BIRTH

– Books I’ve read –

I haven’t read any book with the word ‘birth’ in the title.

– Books I want to read –

– Books I do not want to read –


  • The Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution by Jonathan Eig – I have this on my ‘lost interest’ shelf on Goodreads. It’s not that I would never ever read this book if someone was forcing me I’d probably read it and enjoy it. But if no one is forcing me I don’t really feel like reading it.
  • Birthmarked by Caragh M. O’Brien – I really need to be excited by YA dystopian novel to pick it up. Otherwise, I’m not bothered.


Words for next weeks:

22nd January – free (season of holiday breaks in schools, I don’t go to school anymore but the sentiment of winter break is still there)

29th January – rights (2018 is a Year of Women’s Rights in Poland)



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