The Last Day of Captain Lincoln by EXO Books + GIVEAWAY

Title: The Last Day of Captain Lincoln

Author: EXO Books

Pub Date: August 20th, 2016 (first published 2015)

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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Captain Lincoln’s last day is the hardest day of his life.

An old, onetime Captain of the interstellar spaceship USNAS Hope Eternal, Lincoln always knew that this day would come. For just as birthdays are carefully planned, so are deaths. And although he must reckon with his fate, this is not a somber story. It is a tale of love and sacrifice, told in the context of the most advanced civilization ever to exist—a society that has taken to the stars in an effort to save all that is best in humanity.

Follow Lincoln through his internal struggles, his joy in having lived, and his journey to peace.

The End is just the beginning.

The books start with the most amazingly beautifully sad quotes I read in a while. Those quotes set high expectations for the book. Will the book itself will be nearly as beautifully sad as the quotes? It was. The Last Day of Captain Lincoln is a beautiful work of fiction.

The story uses a true sci-fi setting – a spaceship that is traveling to Earth 2.0 and tells us a story that is at its core – musing about life and death. It is a story of Lincoln’s last day, we know that it is last day, and he knows that too. Lincoln lives on a spaceship that has a strict population regulations -eight new babies are born every five years. Every five years, n the day when new life begins, old life ends. Every newborn is given eighty years of life in a perfect health. No less no more. Would you be interested in striking such a deal – you will live for eighty years in perfect health. There is no place for a chance there, your day of death is decided on the day of your birth. And you know that. You have to live with the knowledge that you can count days to your death, to a day when you turn eighty and you go to sleep to never wake up.

I’m impressed by the world-building in the book. It’s such a short book, that tells a story of one day only. And still we learn so much about the world, it’s politics and regulations. We even have a glimpse of how our modern history may look like to people thousand days from now.

The Last Day of Captain Lincoln is a beautiful novel that makes you feel and think. Think about the meaning of life, and death. About death especially. The futuristic setting perfectly amplifies the message of the story and gives us a unique perspective on the notion of death.

I received the digital copy of this book from the author. All opinions are my own.


You have a chance to win this amazing book and feel all the feels I felt! EXO Books is so amazing and wants to share the book wit 4 lucky winners. Three winners will get an ebook version of the story and one US winner will get a hardcopy of the book. The hardcopy is definitely something amazing because the book features art by Kimberly Hazen and it definitely looks better on paper than on Kindle. Read Giveaway Policy.



The Last Day of Captain Lincoln GIVEAWAY

5 thoughts on “The Last Day of Captain Lincoln by EXO Books + GIVEAWAY

  1. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    I was offered this book in exchange for a review. I still have it and haven’t read it yet and feel terrible about it! But I’ll be reading it soon!!


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