BOOK TRAVELING THURSDAY: Book that got me into reading

It’s Book Traveling Thursday! It is a weekly meme hosted by Catia and Danielle. At the beginning of each month, they post a list of weekly themes. After choosing a book that fits the theme, you look at different covers of various editions and write your blog post with the original cover, the covers from your country, your favourite cover, and your least favourite cover. To find out more check out Goodreads group!

This week’s theme is: We all have to start out of somewhere. Choose a book that got you into reading. One of the first books I remember reading and loving is Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. This must be the first series that I ever read, and I loved it. I was following Anne’s life in all the different books, it was amazing. I started reading about her teen lives and then about her adolescence and adulthood. I don’t remember much of the story, but it gives me a warm feelings, and I just remember living it and enjoying it.

When Anne Shirley arrives at Green Gables farm on Prince Edward Island, she surprises everyone: first of all, she is a girl. Marilla Cuthbert and her brother, Matthew, had specifically asked for an orphan boy. She has bright red hair that won’t manage and a mouth that won’t shut. Nothing will ever be the same at Green Gables!
A favorite story of generations of girls ever since it was first published in 1908, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic story of one girl’s profound effect on a small Canadian community has stayed in print for nearly one hundred years and has been made into a popular TV series and even a musical




Anne from Green Gables is one of those books that have many, many, many and more book covers. So I just chosen three of Polish editions covers. I like the one in the middle the best.



14 thoughts on “BOOK TRAVELING THURSDAY: Book that got me into reading

  1. Books, Vertigo and Tea says:

    I loved Anne of Green Gables growing up! I think I tore through the entire series at least twice. I was very disappointed when I could not get my daughter interested. Anne Shirley is one of my favorite female characters!


  2. mhmcneill says:

    Your favorite covers are so cute! I like the one in the middle best. 🙂 I hadn’t heard of “Anne of Green Gables” until I received an Anne doll for Christmas one year. I love her spunk!


  3. Sarah @ Reviews and Readathons says:

    I’ve read some of these and they were good! There used to be a TV show called Avonlea that was set in the same world, and had Marilla in it, though Anne never made an appearance. It was one of my favorites when I was small. Great pick! I really like your favorite covers!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    Oooh, I love the third cover you have listed for your favorites. It’s beautiful.

    Sadly, I’ve never read this book before! It was hyped so much when I was a kid, I elected not to read it as an act of rebellion. Mistakes I made. Since then, I’ve completely forgotten about it– I’ll definitely add it to my TBR. 🙂


  5. forgottenpumpkinpie says:

    I love Anne of Green Gables and it makes me smile being able to see all the different covers from across the world. The one I am most familiar with is cover on the far left in your favourite covers except it is in English.
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your adventures in books.

    Liked by 1 person

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