Will of Hope by Yasmin Fazli

Title: Will of Hope

Series: Acryen #1

Author: Yasmin Fazli

Pub Date: 2015

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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Synopis from Goodreads:

Elle Carlton hasn’t seen light in nearly eight years…until now. When faced with the chance to find Kaleb, her missing love, there’s nothing she won’t do. Her determination knows no bounds except one: he’s not on Earth. Elle will have to leave everything she knows, and embark on a perilous journey from our world to Acryen—a realm where nothing is as it seems and truths are lost in all the lies.
In a land where dragons once ruled, magic is the ultimate weapon and kingdoms are on the brink of war. Prophecies are coming to life, and creatures unlike any other are emerging from the shadows. Elle only desires one thing: to find Kaleb. But, what she doesn’t know is Acryen has its own plan, and you cannot fight what’s already been written.

 Will of Hope is such a confusing story for me. Overall, I had so many problems with the story, but I still think that it has a great potential and I wished it was better constructed, so I could enjoy it. But what I read wasn’t so good, and I’m sad about that. The second book in the series was just released, and I’m debating if I’d like to read it or not, to see if it’s better and if the world I like is accompanied by a great story.

To put it simply, the book tells us a story of groups of people that have to travel throughout Acryen. They have various reasons for that, but it all goes down to one, special girl – Elle. She is the prophecy child that all the kingdoms want to have in their possession. Elle is from Earth, and in transported to the new world by accident when she falls into the lake. The same lake her friend Kaleb fall into eight years ago and went missing. She also lost her sight at that time, but right now I’m not sure how that happened. The story at the beginning is so choppy and confusing, that I just couldn’t get what is happening really. The chapters were short, and the narrator was changing its focus from one person to another, and I couldn’t follow.

Anyway, Elle is transported into Acryen and some kind souls are taking care of her. There is mysterious women that seem to know a lot more that she lets on, an annoying girl who doesn’t like Elle, a joyous brother of that girl, and a mysterious Peter that the village is waiting for to return. This part of the story is quite boring when I think about it after finishing the book. But at the time of reading, I was just confused and annoyed with Elle. The timeline of the events was blurry at times, sometimes it seemed like Elle was in the village for quite some time, and the next time it seemed like she just got there. There was a fight scene at the beginning, but little was described, and it focused mostly on Elle throwing a fit for no apparent reason. And she does that a lot throughout the story. Her actions have no reasoning about them that I could understand. She is the most annoying character I ever read about. I cannot stand her. You’d think that she would be more composed, and wary in a completely new world, that she didn’t know existed.

Luckily, there is an abundance of characters. There are Elves, Dwarfs and many other creatures that we follow throughout the story. Each few chapters we are introduced to new characters. Pretty confusing because quite a lot of them have a name starting with ‘E’ – why?! There are so many characters and bits and pieces of information that they bring to the main storyline, that it is hard for me to write about it. This book was more of a description of a lot of characters and world building, not much actually happens that will take us to the main quest of the story. There is some romance thrown in there, which was really annoying to read. Some characters are traveling to places for no reason that I could understand, they just go there because they have something to do, but it doesn’t bring us to anything! They just go there, do something, and then they go to another place. And they didn’t have to go to that city in the first place, there wasn’t anything that they have to do there. The main reason why all the characters are traveling is very vogue, and not much is said about it. Which is irritating, because I couldn’t get why the fuck is everyone on the move?! Why?! What for?! The book is ending in a place, where we have absolutely no answers, but a promise of more traveling. This time one of the crews will be on a ship.

I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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