Fall Bookish Bingo

Guys, the score card for fall bookish bingo is up! I did pretty well in the summer edition of the bingo, I got 5 bingos without actively trying to read books that match the categories. I will approach the fall bingo the same way – I will read what I want and I’ll see if anything matches the squares. Most of the categories don’t seem like something I will read, so I think it will be harder for me to score as many bingos as in the summer. Who will be joining me in the bookish bingo?

Who will be joining me in the bookish bingo? Any recommendations for books for squares: Sea Creatures, Horror or Paranormal, Dragons, Retelling, American history and Creepy Cover? And maybe college – I don’t think I have any books on my TBR that will fill in those squares. So recommendations for those squares welcomed actually any recommendations are welcome so I can also fill in the ‘Rec’d to me’ square 🙂 What books you think I should read?

Go to Pretty Deadly Reviews to check out the details and sign up for the bingo.