Cover of book Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

emma straubTitle: Modern Lovers

Author: Emma Straub

Pub Dates: US May 31, 2016 | UK June 30, 2016

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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If you are looking for an easy summer read – don’t be bother by my review. Because if you are looking for an easy breezy read for a beach – this is your choice. The story takes place during the summer, and it just adds this nice feeling to a summer reading. You might even find this book humorous, like the book blurb is trying to convince us, but don’t expect laugh-out-loud humour. Plus, the cover is a beauty and will coordinate with your swimsuit perfectly!

I finished this book so angry! And it’s not the good kind of angry that happens when you upset because author messed with your head and now you don’t know what to do with your life after finishing the book. It was the wrong kind of angry. The whole time I was being fooled into thinking that this life exists and that this book shows some deeper meaning into the life of family, that it demonstrates how life might look like when troubles appear. But there is no way that all the stuff that happened in the book could happen in real life like that. I refuse to believe it. And because of that, I felt cheated.

It is a lovely story that, as long as you won’t expect some more emotions and real life deep stuff, will lift you up. Because this is a charming novel and so many people would love it. I even loved it up to one point! It’s written amazingly; all the characters are more or less likeable with little flaws that just make them more human. The story is about two families that are neighbours in Brooklyn. There is Elizabeth, her husband Andrew and teenage son Harry, and Zoe, her wife Jane and her slightly older than Harry, daughter Ruby. Elizabeth, Zoe and Andrew went to the same university and at that time formed a bad Kitty’s Mustache. The fourth member of the band was Lydia that later became a superstar with a hit song ‘Mistress of Myself’ that was created by the band during theirs Oberlin years. Now Elizabeth is married to Andrew, and there are living next to Zoe that is married to a chef Jane. The story catches them all on the verge of marital crisis when they realise that life past so quickly and now they have children that are nearly grown up who start to have sex and lie to them.

“Parenthood is the only job that gets progressively harder every single year, and you never, ever, ever get a raise.”

The problem I had with this book is that all the problems are solved so smoothly, so smoothly that we are barely noticing that. The problems just solve themselves. It’s all so easy. I wish it were like that for all of us. There are problems that for most of the people will cause a huge financial struggle, but those families have it all easy, money is never the problem, even though that are portrayed as middle-class families. But they are not really, that have money behind them that is securing them.

I almost feel like marking this book as a fantasy… Overall it’s a very nice story, good as a summer read.

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